Solidsvac Pumps


With a reputation for being lightweight, versatile and robust, Solidsvac Vacuum Loading Solids Pumps are long-lasting and easily maintained making them vastly cost-effective ensuring your downtime is kept to a minimum.
Easily transported from one job to another, Solidsvac Pumps are used in a wide range of industries to handle different materials such as chemicals, crude oil, food, beverage, slurry, drilling mud, paints and more.


Compact, Light Weight, Mobile

The Solidsvac SV20-SP is a compact, mobile, vacuum loading solids pump capable of capturing and transferring up to 12,000 litres per hour of almost any flowable material with entrained particles to 35mm.
The Solidsvac SV20-SP vacuum loading solids pump has no internal workings and also features a 316 stainless steel tank, adjustable cycle time and auto reset button along with puncture proof tyres as standard.
Individually adjustable load and discharge cycles, intrinsically safe, combined with 316 stainless steel valves that delivers low wear and high serviceability, for applications in the mining, drilling, industrial and agricultural industries.


The Solidsvac SV70-SPDK Vacuum Loading Solids Pump is designed to reliably handle any flowable sludge and slurry and is ideally suited where submersible, centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are not a viable option.
Designed to offer the operator a one man vacuum recovery pressure discharge unit capable of recovering and transferring almost any flowable material, the extra heavy duty twin 75mm (3”) suction and discharge knife gate valves deliver outstanding performance in the capture and transfer of heavy flowable sludges with high solids content.
100% air powered, the all new compact, fully automatic, robust and fully mobile Solidsvac SV70-SPDK, Vacuum Loading Solids Pump generates 22.5”Hg+ of vacuum and can be used in a wide range of applications including mining and industrial.


The Solidsvac SV200-SPDK is a truly versatile vacuum loading solids pump. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel it is lightweight and mobile yet able to capture and transfer viscous high SG slurries whilst remaining a one man or fully automatic operation.
The low air consumption, high vacuum venturies engineered by Solidsvac Pumps high educted airflows mean outstanding pulling power for those tough recovery jobs.
The SV200 range also feature as an optional extra, the air-assist gravity inlet which can accommodate high volume direct feed for rapid hopper transfer of materials ranging from drill cuttings to sugar.